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"Oh, God, to those who have hunger, give bread,
and in those who have bread, create hunger for justice"

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Tuesday at the Statehouse: Hunger Network in Ohio board members Hilde Hildebrandt & Belinda Wing with Ohio Senator Shirley Smith, joined by Bob Erickson
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“Power of Political Persuasion”

The Hunger Network in Ohio is a faith-based, not-for-profit, advocacy organization dedicated to ending hunger in Ohio through changing conditions that cause poverty. Although recognizing the value of emergency responses to the nutritional needs--such food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.--we are especially committed to enabling these precarious families to progress from dependence to ultimately self-sufficiency. This often requires incremental steps, such as participation in food stamp and school breakfast/lunch programs. Long-term, we support developmental approaches to economic rehabilitation of those who are suffering. These include long-term case work, job training and helping to locate jobs, housing stability, transitional medical services and child care, etc. We acknowledge that while "charity" (giving people what they need at the moment) is often necessary, "justice" (countering an imbalanced social structure designed to favor the "haves" over the "have-nots") is essential. Thus, we address the fundamental problem of severe poverty as calling for human compassion and economic fairness.

We do this by informing, educating, motivating, empowering, and mobilizing "advocates." These are usually church people who want to move from mere handouts to individuals in dire straits to changing social systems that unfavorably represent and repress possibilities for them to take better charge of their own lives.

This includes direct visits with legislators and testimony before the legislature, as well as use of the internet to share information on pending bills with hunger implications. And we also offer study materials on complex conditions and likely resolutions. Our principal commitment is serving as a catalyst for empowering people and communities of faith to fully and effectively join elected officials in mutual determination to end hunger in Ohio.

An immediate and often rewarding way for interested person to become involved is to join us at the Statehouse where meeting are regularly scheduled with legislators. Appointments are scheduled weekly between representatives of the faith community and members of the Ohio General Assembly. Gatherings include clergy, judicatory leaders, congregational layperson and, increasingly, community ministry and food pantry workers and clients. While push particular positions on hunger-related issues, we seek primarily to develop vital connections with senators and house members, cultivate long-term trust, and explore common approaches to reducing poverty.

“Tuesday at the Statehouse” brings persons of faith and conviction to Ohio seat of government in Columbus to work with and on behalf of vulnerable Ohioans. Increasingly we are dedicated to assisting advocates to mobilize within local communities and setting up legislative visits within their districts across the State. And we are also annually visit and bear witness to anti-hunger and anti-poverty legislation in Ohio congressional offices in Washington, DC.

Contact us for more information and opportunities.


Bob Erickson,

Director Hunger Network in Ohio
82 East 16th
Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43201
614.424.6203 (Phone) (Website) (Email)


Electronic Public Policy Network: HungerNetOhio

In order to make information about hunger-related issues more readily available, the Hunger Network in Ohio recent initiated an Electronic Public Policy Network. It is designed to be in touch with interested persons as soon as public policies are introduced and prime opportunities are available to influence legislators. It also offers background information and reference to parallel efforts of other organizations as well as invites comments, questions, and interaction.

Because of increasing restrictions on this way of communicating these days, we need to be sure that you want to receive our messages and we need a request directly from you. So please, email us immediately at HungerNetOhio@gmail.comg if you are interested in becoming part of "HungerNetOhio."



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Bob Erickson

HungerNetwork in Ohio
82 East 16th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: 614-424-6203


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